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Learn how you can create physical products your readers will LOVE and make recurring passive income. 

You’ll know how to leverage the power of Amazon to completely manage your sales and fulfillment. You’ll also learn branding strategies to make your products irresistible and stand out from the crowd.

Live class taught by Matt Kostan who’s achieved over $1.2 million in sales.

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in this live video training, you'll learn:
Why, as a blogger you NEED a microbrand 
The product pillar framework and why it turns traditional thinking upside down
5 easy products you could source today that do over $10 000 a month in sales
How to leverage your existing audience and create something they'll love
How to easily find amazing suppliers and the tactics to negotiate the best deals
4 ways to create an optimized Amazon listing that beats your competition
how a few simple brand tweaks can make all the difference on sales
How you can create a real business that’s even sell-able later for a big pay day 
meet Matt Kostan
Matt Kostan is a branding strategist and teaches how businesses can use marketing strategies to make more money.

Learn how to get more customers, build your brand and have fun while doing it!

He's helped companies (including his own!) grow from no sales to generating millions online.
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